Tell the House to Pass Historic Public Lands Package

The Senate just passed the Natural Resources Management Act, a landmark bill that would protect millions of acres of public lands across the West, permanently fund LWCF, and protect Wilderness climbing. Now the bill is on to the House of Representatives for a vote.

This legislation would be a big win for climbers, outdoor recreation, and conservation—but we need your help one more time to get this important bill through the House.

The Natural Resources Management Act includes many important public land protections including:

The House Needs to Hear From You

After gaining broad support in the Senate (92 to 8 vote), the House of Representatives is fast-tracking the Natural Resources Management Act and we're expecting a vote as early as Monday 2/25. Please take 5 minutes to use our easy letter-writing tool to ask your House Representatives to support the Natural Resource Management Act and vote for protecting public lands. The next page includes talking points to include in your letter, but we encourage you to customize it as much as possible.