Protect America's Climbing

Today, 1 in 5 climbing areas in the US are threatened by an access issue.

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Eric J. Horst | Bubba City, WV

Why Care

Threats to our climbing areas come in many forms—and we must act quickly and nimbly to protect them.

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D. Scott Clark | Clear Creek Canyon, CO
The vast majority of our climbing areas are located on public lands. Every day, land managers use their legal authority to regulate climbing—often times without the experience or knowledge to make informed decisions. Imagine how chaotic that could be if there wasn’t an advocacy organization there to represent climbers’ interests. Thankfully, you don’t have to.
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Chris Noble | Ouray, CO
Sometimes the only way to save a threatened climbing area is to buy it. Privately owned climbing areas can go up for sale with little or no warning, and when they do, we must act quickly to save them.
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Kennan Harvey | Crestone, CO
Twenty years ago, a day out climbing meant you were unlikely to see another soul. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of climbers visiting our climbing areas—and they are showing the impact. Having a vague knowledge of minimum impact practices is no longer enough. It’s time to elevate our game—and it starts with you.
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The first and best line of defense for a local access issue is almost always the local climbers who are familiar with the area and the issues. That’s why a critical piece of our work is establishing local climbing organizations and working to make them as effective as possible. When an access issue occurs in your backyard, who will be there to help?
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John Dickey | Indian Creek, UT
Risk. Liability. Lawsuits. The fear associated with these three little words prevents many landowners from opening their property to climbing. But the perception of risk associated with climbing is largely overstated and misunderstood. And risk can be easily managed when climbers and landowners work together…
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John Dickey | Independance Pass, CO
Micro Trash. Erosion. Human Waste. Are we loving our climbing areas to death? Climber impacts on our outdoor landscapes are greater than ever. But there is a solution, and it starts with you.
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Current Campaigns

Here's how you can help protect America's climbing.

Save The Homestead!

With a narrow window of opportunity, the Access Fund secured temporary ownership of the access point to The Homestead—a unique backcountry limestone climbing area in central Arizona—to save this incredible area from indefinite closure under new ownership. Now, we need your help to secure permanent protection and long-term stewardship.
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Tell Congress to Reauthorize the LWCF!

We need your help protect a critical land conservation tool! The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is one of the most effective tools we have to conserve land and improve outdoor recreation opportunities—and it will expire forever this September if Congress doesn't reauthorize it.
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John Dickey | Vedewoo, WY

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The future of climbing access depends on us: the strong, passionate tribe of climbers who are committed to protecting the climbing areas we love. Join us and take responsibility for the places we climb. Commit to The ROCK Project Pact... and challenge your climbing friends and partners to do the same.

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Learn more about the issues facing our climbing environments and how you can minimize your impact.

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