Protect America's Climbing

1 in 5 climbing areas in the US is threatened by an access issue.

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Jon Glassberg | Lincoln Lake, CO

Why Care

Threats to our climbing areas come in many forms—and we must act quickly and nimbly to protect them.

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Jerry Dodrill | Sierras, CA

Over 60% of our climbing areas are on public lands.

Access Fund represents climbers' interests and values in Washington, DC and with public land offices all around the country.
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Joe Sambataro | The Homestead, AZ

Sometimes the only way to save a climbing area is to buy it.

Privately owned climbing areas can go up for sale with little or no warning, and when they do, we must act quickly to save them.
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Louis Arevalo | Tensleep, WY

Today, there are millions of climbers visiting our climbing areas

And they are showing the impact. It’s time to elevate our game, and it starts with you.
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Current Campaigns

Here's how you can help protect America's climbing.

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John Dickey | Indian Creek, UT

Our Public Lands are Under Attack

The great American land heist is underway—and it is one of the greatest threat to climbing access we have ever faced. We need your help to ensure that our policy experts, lawyers, and environmental scientists have the resources to defend our public lands and their irreplaceable climbing experiences.
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Don't Let Congress Silence Our Voice on BLM Lands!

Call your Senators NOW. Ask that they vote NO on S.J. Res. 15: don't use of the Congressional Review Act to roll back BLM Planning.
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Protect Mazama's Climbing from Mining

We need your help to tell the Department of the Interior to extend its two-year mining timeout for the Methow Headwaters to a 20-year timeout to give us time to pass legislation that would permanently protect this incredible area.
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Join the ROCK Project Movement

The future of climbing access depends on us: the strong, passionate tribe of climbers who are committed to protecting the climbing areas we love. Join us and take responsibility for the places we climb. Commit to The ROCK Project Pact... and challenge your climbing friends and partners to do the same.

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