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Kennan Harvey

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Whit Richardson

Why Care

Threats to our climbing areas come in many forms—and we must act quickly and nimbly to protect them.

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Jeff Skalla

Nearly 60% of our climbing areas are on public lands.

A growing movement of law and policy makers at the federal and state levels have launched a systematic attack on our public lands.
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We're loving our climbing areas to death.

Micro Trash. Erosion. Human Waste. Climber impacts on our outdoor landscapes are greater than ever. But there is a solution, and it starts with you.
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Joe Sambataro | The Homestead, AZ

Sometimes the only way to save a climbing area is to buy it.

Privately owned climbing areas can go up for sale with little or no warning, and when they do, we must act quickly to save them.
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Current Campaigns

Here's how you can help protect America's climbing.

Defend Democracy, Defend the Outdoors

A healthy democracy is necessary for the protection of our climbing areas. It gives all Americans a voice, and it must be protected.
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The latest in our work to protect America's climbing.

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