Inside Access Fund

Photo Courtesy of:
Dan Holz | Trout Creek, OR

Board of Directors

The Access Fund Board of Directors establishes organizational policy and ensures that our mission and vision are fulfilled. Our board is composed of volunteers (plus honorary members) who represent all viewpoints of the climbing community and who are committed to defending climbing freedoms, preserving climbing access, and protecting the climbing environment. Board members serve on various committees, including Steering, Governance, Public Policy, Legal, Finance and Nominating. The full board meets twice a year in the Spring and Fall. Board Members serve for 3 years, and elections are held each year in the Fall. To recommend persons for nomination to the Access Fund board, please contact the Access Fund at 303-545-6772 or at

Mark Baum (VA) — President
Kenji Haroutunian (CA) — Vice President
Ryan Gellert (Amsterdam) — Treasurer
Alex Kutches (WA) — Secretary

Board of Directors
Elaina Arenz (WV)
Lyn Barraza (CA)
Jeff Buhl (CO)
Peter Croft (CA)
Hilary Harris (ME)
Jonah Harrison (WA)
Perry Norris (CA)
John Winsor (CO)
Jessica Yates (CO)

Honorary Board Members

Rick Accomazzo (CO)
Larry Gustafson (TX)
John Juraschek (NC)
Michael Kennedy (CO)
Armando Menocal (WY)
Dave Rosenstein (NJ)
Bill Supple (VT)
Randy Vogel (CA)