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Current Openings

Operations Director

The Operations Director works closely with the Executive Director and other members of the leadership team to set the organization's strategic goals. The Operations Director helps translate these goals into specific operational objectives, and oversees the operations and administration of the business. The Operations Director helps ensure the financial health of the organization, helping the Executive Director and development team align the human and financial resources needed to deliver on our mission in a sustainable way.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

Financial Leadership and Oversight

  • Budgeting - Lead annual budget process by working closely with AF staff. Prepare budget worksheets for each department and compile comprehensive operating budget that supports the mission and strategic plan. Support staff to track actual performance vs. budget throughout the year. Oversee expense controls and alert staff to potential overages. Provide financial leadership for the organization through analysis, planning and staff mentorship.
  • Financial Reporting - Work with Finance Manager (FM) to prepare accurate and timely financial reports for department heads, executive director, and board of directors on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Prepare financial statements for board meetings, the annual report, and as needed for grant reporting. Prepare financial projections for year end.
  • Accounting - Work with FM to ensure that accounts payable and accounts receivable, including in-kind transactions, are processed in a timely manner. Oversee the generation of deposits by the FM and Office Manager. Make actual deposits into the Access Fund's bank accounts. Reconcile all bank and investment accounts on a monthly basis. Work with the FM to ensure that all AF credit card transactions are posted appropriately.
  • Financial Audit and 990 Preparation - Primary AF contact with external auditors working to ensure AF meets all requirements and provides all information necessary to complete yearly financial audit in a timely manner. Facilitate auditor review of supporting financial records, and other items as needed. Ensure proper internal controls are in place. Once audit is complete, assist in the finalization of the Form 990 and the preparation of the final audited financial statements.

Management and Human Resources

  • Management - Oversee the Office Manager and Finance Manager, providing oversight, direction, support and training to these positions. The Operations Director also provides oversight and guidance for staff in the Boulder office.
  • Payroll and payroll compliance - Oversee the payroll process to ensure accuracy and compliance across multi-state jurisdictions. Ensures FM tracks and files quarterly reports in all states requiring quarterly filing. Maintains accounts with appropriate Departments of Revenue, Departments of Employment securities and Departments of Labor and Industry as required.
  • Human Resources - Administer employee benefits. Ensure compliance with state and local employment obligations. Act as primary contact with staff insurance carriers; medical, dental, disability etc. Maintain all personnel records. Maintain the Employee Manual and general office-wide policies.

Operations and Risk Management

  • Vendors and Leases - Oversee all vendor and lease relationships with support from OM and FM to ensure conformity with Access Fund policies and fulfillment of obligations. Facilitate contracting process. Provide background information and contractual obligations to Executive Director for approval. Maintain all fixed assets records.
  • Risk Management and Insurance - Support the safe operation of the Access Fund, including the safety of staff, volunteers, and property. Help identify, analyze, and mitigate legal risks to the Access Fund. Assist with the creation and review of operating procedures and policy. Serve on Risk Management committee. Point of contact for insurance, including directors and officers, business owners insurance, general liability insurance, auto, and event insurance, etc. Provide for ongoing contact with AF broker and resolution of insurance issues when they arise. Review and renew all insurance policies in a timely fashion, consulting with Executive Director when significant changes are to occur.
  • State Fundraising Registration - Ensure compliance with all state charitable solicitation registration requirements; oversee third party contractor for filings.


  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Comprehensive benefits including paid vacation, medical, dental, disability, and life insurance
  • Pro-deals with qualifying outdoor industry corporate partners


The Operations Director will work from the Access Fund headquarters in Boulder, CO.

To Apply

Submit resume and cover letter to with "Operations Director" in the subject line by February 23, 2017. No phone calls or office visits, please.

Access Fund is an equal opportunity employer and provides employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability. We are a proud supporter of the Camber Outdoors CEO Pledge, and we seek to attract a skilled workforce that reflects the demographics of current and future outdoor enthusiasts. As one of Outside Magazine's 100 Best Places to Work we pride ourselves on health and happiness of our staff. Together, we are building an organization and an industry where great ideas, born from a diversity of experiences, thrive.