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Climbers for Conservation

From Leave No Trace to Climbing Advocacy

A powerful movement of climbing advocates is gaining momentum, and it's driven by people just like you. Every day, climbers all across the country are taking action to protect the lands and outdoor experiences we love. Each of us have an incredible opportunity to influence the future of climbing and the greater conservation movement. The only question is, how will you plug in?

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Do you know more about conservation than the average climber?

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At Access Fund, our job is to make sure you’re the most effective climbing advocate you can be. We elevate your voice to lawmakers at critical moments. We host volunteer events at your local crag. And we help you minimize your environmental impacts when you head out to climb.

Sign The Climbers Pact—A Commitment to Leave No Trace

As climbers, we have a personal stake in the health of our outdoor landscapes—without them, we have no place to climb. Make a few small adjustments to your climbing practice to protect outdoor landscapes.

Climbing Advocacy 101: How to Make a Difference

America’s climbing areas face serious threats. Without focused advocacy from climbers, we could lose these battles. Learn how to advocate for conservation and sustainable access.

Join the Movement

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Putting Conservation Into Action

You want to protect America’s climbing and support conservation, but where should you start? At Access Fund, we do the heavy lifting to make sure that you’re an effective advocate.

Protect & Conserve the Land

We fight to protect and conserve the amazing lands that give so much to climbers. That means showing up in Washington, D.C. to protect public lands and advance climate action. It means buying threatened climbing areas that are about to be sold off for trophy homes. And it means rolling up our sleeves and working in the dirt to build sustainable trails and climbing areas.

Fight for Sustainable Access

We believe that sustainable access to climbing is good for health and wellness. It's good for rural economies. And it's good for the environment—connecting more people to nature and inspiring them to protect and conserve the lands they love. But climbing access isn't guaranteed. That’s why we work to develop smart climbing management strategies that protect the plants, animals, and Native values that share these incredible landscapes.

Build a Community of Climbing Advocates

We work to make sure you’re the most effective advocate you can be—whether that’s elevating your voice to lawmakers on urgent conservation and access issues, providing grants for local projects and rebolting efforts, connecting you with volunteer opportunities at your local crag, or helping you minimize your environmental impacts. We are climbers, and we are a powerful force for protecting the places and the sport we love.

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When climbers fight for conservation, big things happen.

How Climbers Partnered with Tribes to Help Save Bears Ears
Climbers played a critical role in restoring protections to Bears Ears National Monument in southeast Utah: a sacred landscape to Native American Tribes and home to world-class rock climbing.

Brink of Extinction: Climbers Help Bring Peregrine Falcons Back to El Capitan
When scientists needed help saving peregrine falcons, they turned to climbers. Our community went where biologists couldn't, replacing eggs in nests on the sheer side of Yosemite's biggest big wall.

The conservation movement needs you.

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