Buy Threatened Climbing

Some of our most iconic climbing areas—from the Red River Gorge to Jailhouse Rock—are located on private land. And when a privately owned climbing area is put up for sale, we must act quickly to ensure that access is not lost forever.

Our Approach

Access Fund provides local climbing communities with the horsepower to swiftly protect threatened climbing areas—before they are lost to cash-ready developers. We provide loans, grants, and acquisition expertise to place threatened land in climber-friendly hands.

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Our Impact

Over 17,000 Acres Protected
Over $2.4 Million Loaned
Over 3,000 Routes Secured

Where We Work

Access Fund partners with local climbing organizations across the country to help purchase and protect threatened climbing areas. Explore the map to learn more about these projects.

Help Protect Threatened Climbing

Every acre we protect, every climbing area we save, begins with you. Help us put threatened areas in climber friendly hands forever.
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