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The sustained growth of climbing has put strain on popular climbing areas around the country. While there are thousands of climbing areas in the United States, several hundred of the most popular areas bear the brunt of the impact. And the need for expert trail building and multi-year stewardship plans has never been greater. The Access Fund-JeepĀ® Conservation Team answers that call, providing leadership, expertise, and inspiration to ensure that climbing areas across the country are sustainably cared for. The Conservation Team spends 10 months of the year on the road working with local communities to address impacts and create plans for the long-term sustainability of the climbing areas we love.

The Conservation Team is made possible by the generous support of:

In five years, the Access Fund-JeepĀ® Conservation Team has become a marquee Access Fund program and a recognizable symbol of conservation within the climbing community. Promoting the values and mission of the Access Fund and our sponsors through nationwide outreach, the Conservation Teams attend dozens of climbing events, festivals, and stewardship events across the country.

In order for long-term stewardship to be effective, local volunteers need key skills and knowledge to effectively mitigate impacts at their crags.The Conservation Team works side-by-side with local communities to train them in sustainable trail building and stewardship techniques that will keep their climbing areas healthy long after the team leaves. This critical on-the-ground leadership helps volunteers think about climbing areas holistically, anticipate challenges, and address them proactively.

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