Current Campaigns

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Tomas Donoso | Dayton, TN
  • ACT NOW: Save Moab Climbing & Recreation

    We need your help to save iconic climbing in Utah's Moab region, which is directly in the crosshairs of the oil and gas industry.  Learn More

  • North Carolina Forest Plan Fails Climbers and Threatens Access

    Some of the most popular climbing in the East are facing threats from a flawed, new forest plan draft that is set to govern all activities within two North Carolina forests for at least the next 15 years. Learn More

  • Save The Thumb & Needle

    Access Fund is mobilizing to protect this popular climbing area with a committment to raise $67,500. The first $15,006 will be matched by local leaders Tom and Kathy Hornbein, Tommy and Becca Caldwell, Colorado Mountain School, the Murdock family, Chris and Kristin Winter, and a generous anonymous donor! Sitting high above the Learn More

  • Defend Democracy, Defend the Outdoors

    A healthy democracy is necessary for the protection of our cherished outdoor landscapes. It gives all Americans—including you—a voice in the care and protection of our environment, and it's where Access Fund does the work of protecting climbing areas. Every four years we have an opportunity to defend our unique democracy and the outdoors with our votes. Are you ready? Learn More

  • Save The Homestead!

    With a narrow window of opportunity, the Access Fund secured temporary ownership of the access point to The Homestead to save this incredible area from indefinite closure under new ownership. Learn More

  • Our Public Lands are Under Attack

    Right now, we are up against one of the greatest threats to climbing access we have ever faced, and we need your help. Nearly 60% of our climbing areas are located on federally managed public lands, and a growing movement of law and policy makers at the federal and state Learn More

  • Ongoing Campaigns

    Luckily, most access issues can be resolved in a reasonable time frame. But sometimes a climbing area has unique challenges or issues that can take years or even decades to resolve. The Access Fund remains committed to these climbing areas and issues, and has created this area to keep you Learn More

  • Call Your Congressional Representatives

    These days, calling your Congressional representatives is the most effective means of reaching them with your advocacy efforts. Look-up phone numbers for your representatives in your district by entering your address below. Here are some tips for talking to lawmakers: Introduce yourself and tell them why you’re calling. Most Learn More

  • Save Mount Washington Crags

    We need your help to protect Mount Washington Crags, at Exit 38 in the Snoqualmie Valley of Western Washington, from being sold off. Learn More