Current Campaigns

Photo Courtesy of:
Tomas Donoso | Dayton, TN
  • Tell Secretary Zinke Not to Rescind Bears Ears National Monument!

    We need your help to protect Bears Ears National Monument and its exceptional climbing opportunities. Newly confirmed Secretary Zinke has stated that one of his first priorities will be to visit Utah to meet with stakeholders and lawmakers to discuss the Bears Ears National Monument designation. Tell him not to rescind or reduce Bears Ears National Monument. Learn More

  • Our Public Lands are Under Attack

    Right now, we are up against one of the greatest threats to climbing access we have ever faced, and we need your help.Over 60% of our climbing areas are located on federally managed public lands, and a growing movement of law and policy makers at the federal and state levels Learn More

  • Increase Recreational Access in New York!

    We need your help to convince New York lawmakers to improve liability protections for private landowners who open their property to climbing. Learn More

  • Protect Mazama's Climbing from Mining

    We need your help to tell the Department of the Interior to extend its two-year mining timeout for the Methow Headwaters to a 20-year timeout to give us time to pass legislation that would permanently protect this incredible area. Learn More

  • Preserve The Pinnacle Boulders!

    Access Fund has secured ownership of the Pinnacle Boulders, but now we need your help to raise $10,000 to ensure permanent protection for this Adirondack bouldering area. Learn More

  • Save The Homestead!

    With a narrow window of opportunity, the Access Fund secured temporary ownership of the access point to The Homestead to save this incredible area from indefinite closure under new ownership. Learn More

  • Ongoing Campaigns

    Luckily, most access issues can be resolved in a reasonable time frame. But sometimes a climbing area has unique challenges or issues that can take years or even decades to resolve. The Access Fund remains committed to these climbing areas and issues, and has created this area to keep you Learn More

  • Become a Member Today

    United we are stronger. Join the Access Fund tribe today and become part of the largest climbing advocacy movement in America. Together we can keep our climbing areas open and protected. Learn More